In 2010 Pacific Shower Doors Celebrates  55  Years of Serving Customers  Across Western Canada 

Pacific Shower Door’s story began 55 years ago when the concept of a shower door was just beginning to catch on in the modern homes of the 1950’s. The Company was founded in North Vancouver by the Anderson family and was one of the first businesses to offer a wide selection of shower doors to the general public.   For much of its history Pacific Shower Doors was operated by Art Anderson, the son of the founder up until 1996 when he sold the Company to Jules Wilkins.  Jules has brought his own unique skill sets to the Company and after a rather accelerated education in the industry he began renewing the Company’s trend setting spirit.  Jules guided the Company from a distributor servicing the public to a manufacturer supplying a network of dealers across western Canada. Now, over five decades since its establishment, Pacific Shower Doors is still breaking new ground in the industry.  The Company continues developing its own high quality shower door systems in harmony with the most contemporary design trends all from its Burnaby, British Columbia location.   

We Believe In...

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Local Customer Support Team
  • Warranty Protected
  • Exclusive Designs